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Christopher Nolan Research Paper

Hello, i've been a long time board reader, just hadn't gotten round to registering, however i wanted to ask the opinion of both film fans and Nolan fans. So obviously i thought this would be the best place to ask.

I am currently in my final year studying for a degree in Computer Graphics and Special Effects in the UK, a couple of months ago i started researching for my dissertation/thesis. I could have gone the typical route like my peers and talk about Pixar in the industry and such, but i thought that was just rehashing whats allready been said. My first love, and what made me get into Special Effects is to work on feature films. I dont have to tell you guys that Nolan's films are the most intriguing that i have ever seen, therefor i decided to write about Nolan being an Auteur and the themes surrounding his work.

Ive started reading, various books, such as the Inception shooting script (to get a basis on how he constructs his ideas) and the making of memento by James Mottram. After reading these books and viewing the films nemerous times ive settled on discussing these themes.

1. Identity, dual identities and such.
2. the collabrative effort of the crew, the team of the Nolan brothers and Pfistor, and that together they are auteurs.
3. Ambiguity.

The dissertation/thesis part of my degree is rather short, only 6000 words, so i cant get to deep into psycology and such, but i have decided to split the work up into the following:

Abstract, Introduction, Chapter 1: The Auteur Theory, Chapter 2: Christopher Nolan, the rise of an Auteur, Chapter 3: A Discussion of the common themes between his work and finally the conclusion.

I was just wondering if anyone here has maybe touched on any of these subjects themselves, whether it be academic essays and such, i am just trying to present the best piece of written work that i can and if anyone has any suggestions or advice i would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to posting here also. Thanks

Late last year, Interstellar blew our minds with stunning visuals and the latest entry in the McConaissance. It also promised that much of the science in the film would be based firmly in reality. Today, Christopher Nolan and science adviser Kip Thorne have made good on that promise.

Double Negative Visual Effects, in collaboration with physicist Kip Thorne and colleagues, are now showing off the most accurate visualization of a spinning black hole we have to date in the journal Classic and Quantum Gravity. As I explain in the video above, this new view of Interstellar‘s “Gargantua” looks quite different from what we saw in the film. Some of the changes were artistic, some were to help the audience understand what the heck was going on.

Either way, seeing real science come out of a Hollywood blockbuster is pretty alright, alright, alright.

IMAGE: Classical and Quantum Gravity, 2015


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