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The Novel Speak Essay Questions

In her novel Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson tells the story of Melinda Sordino. She is a new student at Merryweather High School. Melinda’s first year as a freshman is full of misery and desperation. She calls herself an “outcast” (4). Melinda’s best friend, Rachel, hates her after the horrible party in last summer. Melinda was raped by a boy whose name is Andy Evans. He left so many scars in the soul of a teenage girl, Melinda. After that shocking event, she does not dare to speak up. However, Melinda Sordino is not the only important character in the novel. There are several significant minor characters as well. These include Heather, a new student from Ohio, David Petrakis, Melinda’s lab partner, and Mr. Freeman, Melinda’s art teacher. Heather is a new student from Ohio who unwittingly helps Melinda to grow stronger. At first, she becomes Melinda’s closest friend at school. Unlike Melinda, Heather always tries to make many friends by taking part in five clubs and joining a group of cruel girls, the Marthas. Heather is not treating Melinda like a real friend. She does not even care why people behave badly to her friend, or what problem Melinda is

Elements of a basic literary analysis essay

Introduction: Your introduction needs a few basic elements.

  • You must give the author's name and the title of the book.
  • You must draw your reader in with an attention getting opening. There are several strategies for engaging your reader.
  • You must state your thesis in your introduction. Many times, the thesis sentence comes at the end of the introduction.

Paragraphs one-four: This is the body of your essay and it's where you develop your ideas. Remember that the typical pattern to follow is CSE:

  • Claim: make a statement (something you believe, that you intend to prove or show)
  • Support: support your statement with evidence from the book (prove your claim)
  • Explanation: explain what you say, expand the idea, or connect to another idea

See a sample color coded paragraph that shows you each part.

Conclusion: Connect back to your thesis. You can restate it, but not in exactly the same words. You can also extend the ideas by making a statement about what is important to remember. What are the key ideas that readers should remember after reading your essay? Do not address the reader directly. Remember never to use first or second person in an essay like this. More on conclusions

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