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Health Promotion Job Cover Letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

In May 2016 I will graduate from the Yale University School of Public Health with a Master of Public Health degree and a concentration in Health Policy. I am applying for an Associate position at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), with a preference for the New York office. My training in analytics, leadership skills, and experiences in collaborating with senior leaders in a consulting role at HealthPro Consulting provide me with a foundation for blending well into BCG’s case teams. I first learned of The Boston Consulting Group when I heard Boston office director Meg Brandt’s inspirational talk at the Harvard Healthcare Conference in January 2013. 

This past summer I worked in the Health and Productivity practice at HealthPro Consulting where I gained essential analytic, strategy, and process-thinking skills. One highlight of my experience was to review over one hundred medical records for employees under medical management at a large hospital based client, and derive potential trends that the client could use in their program design strategy. I produced analytics to support my initial findings that there were significant gaps in management for multiple costly and preventable disease states. I presented my results to our company chairman and worked directly with him to develop program design strategies that our client will implement.  Since it is a relatively new practice, I also championed an internal project that documented and streamlined all processes involved in a new client engagement. This project required me to work closely with key actors at each stage of the project lifecycle, allowing me to document and analyze their processes. This document is now used in new employee training and as a practice reference guide for all new engagements.

My interdisciplinary academic background has provided me with a broad set of skills that are extremely applicable to consulting. Through graduate coursework in health economics and management including Cost Effectiveness &Decision Making, Global Health Economics and Negotiations, I havegained insightful perspectives on solving difficult health care questions.

The Boston Consulting Group has stood out to me because of its strong sense of a team culture and wonderful opportunities it provides for personal growth and development.  I believe that my education and experience will enable me to make significant contributions not only to BCG , but more importantly, to the clients you serve. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.


Clifford P. Angel

Health Promotion Manager Resume Sample

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Specializing in program leadership within the healthcare arena
Innovative professional presenting excellent ability to establish and maintain rapport with clientele based on superb interpersonal and communication skills. Provided management to facilitated learning environments utilizing well-planned and relevant curriculum servicing a wide range of age groups. Strong analytical, research, and project management skills combined with expertise in planning community outreach programs. Extensive focus on train-the-trainer development, seminar/workshop design, and creation of educational materials relating to health and lifestyles field.
Strong written and verbal communication in English and French
  • Provided professional development and training for educators, supervisors and coordinators in Health and Lifestyles Field while directing civilian, military and volunteer personnel.
  • An evaluated, developed and reviewed national and local Health program based on regional community needs assessments.
  • Researched, designed and conducted experiments, reviewed scientific articles, prepared and presented scientific manuscripts in Exercise Sciences (Published), and summation reports.
  • Possesses superior computer skills including MS Office Suite products, Statistical analysis programs, specialized research spreadsheet applications, and the Internet.
  • Led the life cycle planning of a variety of large-scale and small-scale projects, facilitating all HR, budget allocation, publicity, delivery, and assessment functions.
  • Directed, coordinated, designed, interpreted, and delivered individual and group sport, physical fitness, injury prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition and wellness programs, and fitness testing, and provided counseling for high performance athletes, occupational specific requirements, diseased patients and general population.
Master of Science, Exercise and Health Sciences, York University, 2001
Specialized Honors Bachelors of Science, Physical and Health Education, York University, 1999
Health Promotion Manager,2002 – present
Canadian Forces Support Unit
  • National program working group committee member, contributing author and reviewer of programs for Health Promotion – Strengthening the Forces Program Development.
  • Facilitate Health Promotion Base committee meetings.
  • Develop and deliver Health Promotion Programs for Canadian Forces, their families and DND employees, and assist units in carrying out programs, and act as a resource person for all Base health promotion activities and needs.
  • Coordinate Health programs through partnerships with various health service providers.
  • Conduct Community needs assessments, evaluate program activities, analyze and maintain statistical data, and provide interpretive and summation reports.
  • Develop and maintain public relations with local key stakeholders, including the CFMAP, EAP, DGHS, MFRC and unit level representations.
  • Designed and maintain Health promotion web page.
Fitness Coordinator,2001 – 2002
Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Tell Fitness and Aquatic Community Center, ON
  • Administered, managed and directed Personnel support Program Policies and directives pertaining to physical fitness, sport and lifestyle requirements for 20000 + /annum Canadian Forces Personnel.
  • Coordinated, designed, evaluated, monitored and delivered all DND physical and health education programs.
  • Developed and delivered theory curriculum for Military leadership pertaining to Physical and Health Education.
  • Provided comprehensive coaching, return to work therapy, lifestyle counseling to a variety of individuals for a wide range of abilities.
  • In conjunction with Base Medical Services organized and implemented fitness, health, nutrition and wellness programs, promoted ongoing participation of a variety of activities focusing on long term participation, injury prevention and positive lifestyle habits, and information/skill development sessions.
  • Developed and maintained bilingual public relations for 13 academies / units (Training and Support).
  • Prepared and managed yearly budget
  • Hired, supervised, performed evaluations and provided professional development for a team of 12 full time Physical and Health Educators and 2 Supervisors.
  • Developed and delivered employee recruiting programs and presentations, conducted interviews and hiring process.
  • Conducted statistical review and assessment of all program components and human resources requirements.
Bilingual Health Care CSR. (evenings)1997 – 1999
Gamma Biomedical, Toronto, ON
  • Serviced Healthcare customers for IVAC Medical Systems and Physio Control Medical equipment.
  • Processed orders, credits and claims for lost and damaged goods.
  • Provided sales representative support: quotes, pricing and customer specifics.
  • Demonstrated IVAC instruments and ACLS units for Physio Control, and inventory management.
Health Promotion Director - Cooper Institute, Texas ▪ Managing your People at work (40hrs) – ORFA ▪ Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant – Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology ▪ Rehabilitative Exercise Therapy Level 1 – RMJ ▪ Environmental Protection Officer Certificate ▪ Safety Compliance Certificate ▪ Human & Labor Relations Management Certificate – Seneca College Management Certificate ▪ Suicide Intervention skills Workshop ▪ Weight Wellness, Stress Management and Butt Out Facilitator – DND Health Promotion Programs ▪ NCCP level 3 Theory, Level 4 - Nutrition, Level 3 Distance Running, Level 1 soccer, waterpolo, swimming.

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