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My Favourite Celebrity Taylor Swift Essay

Looks like Taylor Swift might have some inspiration for a new song, thanks to pop sensation Lorde.

In a recent interview with Metro magazine, Lorde essentially says that Swift is too perfect.

“Taylor Swift is so flawless, and so unattainable, and I don’t think it’s breeding anything good in young girls. ‘I’m never going to be like Taylor Swift, why can’t I be as pretty as Lorde?’ That’s f–king bulls–t,” the 16-year-old singer said.

But Monday, Lorde explained her comments on her Tumblr page.

i think i cocked that up a bit and what i said wasn’t put in context also. what i meant was: there’s a lot of importance placed on physical perfection in this industry, and i wish my favourite stars didn’t look perfect because i think fans (me included) have these feelings of worthlessness, like they’ll never be as pretty/talented/whatever, as a result of this intense photoshop culture and the endless strive for perfection. ts was the first person i thought of, which i regret. she happens to be good looking, but i think she actually uses her other imperfections in an incredibly powerful and relatable way. taylor swift has a very unique vision, which i admire. i think somewhere along the line also there was a misquote where people got the impression i thought writing about love was shameful. i don’t! i just haven’t found a way of doing it which is powerful and innovative, which is why i don’t.

ps. i am very very new to this whole thing. i will probably never be the kind of role model for my fans that ts is for hers. i admire her very much for this reason. basically, this is an apology for not thinking too hard before i speak. peace.

Maybe T-Swift will forgive her before going back into the studio.

I know, I know, Taylor Swift is bound to be everyone’s favorite celeb. I mean she’s cute, makes great music, and has won tons of awards. But to me, Taylor Swift is like a distant friend that I will probably never meet (fingers crossed.) But I’m going to share why she is the best and why she should be everyone’s favorite.

She loves chocolate as much as the rest of us.

And not only does she love chocolate, she cooks chocolate and so she’s pretty much me.

She’s got sass like us all

Carrying boatloads of sass that makes me smile, and want to literally clap every single time I see it. Thank Taylor for being awesome at eye rolling, hair flipping, and yes, for the tons of sass.

She doesn’t dance as great as everyone else (which is ok because I can’t either.)

Yeah, Taylor please never ever stop dancing. It inspires me.

She’s just as weird as the rest of us

Kudos to Taylor, she’s amazing.

Like this:



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